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F1 Legality Plank Keyring /500

F1 Legality Plank Keyring /500

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This sculpture shows an F1 legality plank used as a keyring.

Limited to five hundred pieces.

This race used keyring has been taken from the component known as the "legality plank" located on the underside of a Formula One car. 

The plank is made of permaglass and is used to restrict the minimum ride height teams can use. The wear the part accumulates during a race is then measured afterwards by the FIA using a bespoke measuring apparatus to make sure the teams are not exceeding this to gain an advantage. 

Used during various Grand Prix seasons from Formula One teams located close to Studio 45. 

Dimensions: +- L 55 mm x W 35mm x D 10mm 

Weight: +- 15 grams.

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