Special Projects

We have been a part of some very unique special projects over the years that have challenged the limits of what we can do with Carbon Fibre.

  • British Grand Prix Trophy


    Alastair was given the honour of creating the 2024 Formula 1 Qatar Airways British Grand Prix Trophies.

    Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes AMG won his 9th Grand Prix at Silverstone and took home the 1st place trophy!

    The making of the trophies 
  • Balenciaga


    Alastair was approached by Demna, Balenciaga's Creative Director to collaborate on a bespoke hat for their 53rd Couture Collection which hit the runway in Paris.

  • Jenson Button's J Manta


    We were commissioned by Channel 4 to create a special retirement gift for Jenson Button Button...

    A J Manta Inspired by the the Brawn GP livery that saw him win the 2009 Constructors and Drivers World Championship and made up of parts accumulated over the course of his formula one career alongside Alastair.

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  • Sailing GP Trophy


    We were proud to produce the trophy for the first-ever Impact League winner of SailGP. Made from recycled carbon fibre, used F50 parts, anodised aluminium and a carbon fibre globe delicately balanced on top of a radically deconstructed form of the original trophy. 

  • Sergio Perez J Manta


    We were commissioned to create a bespoke J Manta for Sergio Perez and his new wife, Carola on their wedding day as a special gift from the Force India team. 

    We based the design on his iconic pink helmet.

  • Scout


    Our Giant Carbon Humboldt Squid is hanging in pride of place; from the ceiling of the observation lounge on a 207ft Superyacht called Scout.

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Charity Work

We take pride in knowing that we always do our very best to support local and international charities through a variety of unique projects.

'After The Race' by Ross Brawn and Alastair Gibson


Alastair and Ross collaborated on a very special project where their sculpture was auctioned to raise money for the Francis Crick Institute.

  • Brawn F1; Making It Possible


    We donated 22 Brawn Baby Piranhas to be signed by Ross Brawn and be auctioned at Hope For Tomorrow's black tie charity event in the effort to provide mobile cancer care units for NHS trusts across England.

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  • National Spitfire Project


    We were commissioned to make 80 Supermarine Spitfire mkV briefing stick models for the National Spitfire Project that is ‘raising money to create a worthy monument to the men and women who designed, built, flew and maintained the Supermarine Spitfire. Honouring the past, inspiring our future.’

  • Grapes From The Moon


    A wine display case inspired by The Apollo Project was commissioned to be auctioned in London to raise funds for the South African Charity ZipZap Circus, inspiring young people through the art of performing.

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  • Shark Trust


    We collaborated with The Shark Trust to create a special edition J Mako to raise funds for the UK Charity and the incredible conservation work they do to help bring awareness to the problems faced by sharks in our oceans…the sculpture raised an impressive £50 000! 

  • Blue Cross


    We were commissioned by The Blue Cross Charity to make a bespoke solid Carbon Bulldog to be auctioned at their event in the effort to raise essential funds.

  • Distressed Mackerel


    Our Distressed Mackerel was made specially for an exhibit at The Deep Aquarium in Hull to highlight the staggering amount of plastic in our oceans and the devastating impact it has on the environment and aquatic life

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To show our thanks to the dedicated NHS workers during the COVID Pandemic, we produced a limited edition of 50 NHS Baby Piranhas and 25 NHS M Mantas.

For every one sold, a portion of the proceeds were donated to the Brackley Community Hospital where you will now find one of each on permanent display.

Our NHS M Mantas are completely sold out but the NHS Baby Piranhas are still available.

NHS Baby Piranha