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Brun Jagermeister Porsche Baby Piranha /20

Brun Jagermeister Porsche Baby Piranha /20

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Produced to celebrate the Teams World Sportscar Championship won by Hans-Joachim Stuck in 1986 with the iconic livery of the Jagermeister Porsche 956 with Brun Motorsport.

This sculpture is a smaller version of the 'racing piranha 2' sculpture which was originally commissioned by Rubens Barrichello in 2007.The sculpture captures the aggressive look and the hydrodynamic shape of the Red Bellied Piranha.

Selected parts and materials used in this sculpture are from modern Grand Prix cars as listed below.

Sculpture limited to 20 pieces.

Body: Carbon fibre, 2 ply/layers 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm with UV resistant clear gloss coating.

Dorsal and underside fins:0.5 mm photo etched stainless steel coated orange.

Tail and Pectoral fins:0.5 mm photo etched stainless steel coated orange.

Marking detail: Silver and white standard piranha details with custom designed Brun Jagermeister Porsche vinyl transfer.

Teeth: Printed chrome on black Decal.

Mounting base and rod: Mounted on a black coated wooden base with Michelin tyre ID logo and a gear from a modern Formula One GP car.

Mounting methods:Desk mounted.

Dimensions: L 140 mm W 40 mm H 330 mm on base.

*Bases may vary slightly due to parts availability.

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