Camo King Sculpture Stolen

It is with great sadness that we declare our Camo King sculpture has been stolen!

Our zebra striped lion skull featuring bismuth alloy teeth, mounted on a gearbox selector barrel from a Honda F1 race car was produced to show that in a competition, to gain success, the competitor needs to get as close to an opponent as possible, whether it be in the business capitals of the world or on the African savanna…To win a contest could be the difference between success and failure, life or death.

This show-stopping sculpture has been displayed across the U.K in a multitude of reputable galleries and exhibitions but it was at a high-end gallery in Bristol where it had its final exhibition.

 A masked thief with an unknown motive entered the gallery in broad daylight and ran off with the 11kg sculpture in hand. Alongside an on-going investigation we are now appealing to the public and our loyal followers to help us find our one-of-a-kind sculpture.


Alastair said ‘Upon hearing the news, my first thoughts were for the welfare of the staff involved and for the gallery as a whole and the impact on their business.’

‘I am rather sad because it’s a unique, one-off piece and I will now never able to envisage it in pride of place in a home or building as I had always hoped it would be.’

I am quite overwhelmed that someone would go to such dramatic lengths to steal a piece of my art, risking a criminal record to acquire it. I don’t know what their reasons were or what would compel someone to commit an act like this in pursuit of an artwork.’

As Camo King now has no monetary value, we ask you to please be on the lookout and if anyone has any useful leads or information please do get in touch.

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