Carbon Fibre Human Skull
Carbon Fibre Human Skull

we are all made of stars /8

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Just as in second generation stars in the universe we all share carbon, the building block for life on our planet. This unique sculpture takes a modern engineered look at a human skull.

Sculpture limited to eight pieces.

Material: 312 plies / layers of T300 2 x 2 twill 650 gsm carbon fibre 37% 985 resin content. Each ply has 3 million 168 thousand individual fibres per ply.

Cure: 180° for 2 hours at 7 bar pressure.

Teeth: Low melting point Bismuth alloy.

Mounting: Cat flap pivot rod from the Honda Racing F1 team, part number 060-H5-03812 2007 Monaco GP, Jenson Button, fixed onto a polished granite base.

Mounting methods: Desk or floor mount on plinth.

Dimensions:  L 200 mm  W 200 mm  H 360 mm on base.

Weight:6 kg

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