Ratioed Trout
2 Carbon fibre trout fish on F1 gear Ratio

ratioed trout /100

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This sculpture shows stylised racing brown trout fish mounted on a F1 gear ratio set for use as a paperweight or desk sculpture.

Selected parts and materials used in the sculpture are from modern F1 Grand Prix cars.

Trout:Re-engineered from the original ‘racing brown‘. These fish are made from 2 plies / layers of 2 x 2 twill, 400 gsm carbon fibre on photo etched stainless steel, ABS, a vinyl transfer with UV protective clear coat and graphite mounting rods.

Mounting base and ‘gear ratio’:Satin black painted MDF with Honda F1 Grand Prix 3rd gear ratio, part no. 080-B7-038/3: ratio 15/26. L11028

Dimensions: L 200 mm W 140 mm H 255 mm

Weight: 865 grams

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