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Vertical Feeding Mako Sharks /48

Vertical Feeding Mako Sharks /48

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This sculpture shows a school of stylised engineered Mako Sharks mounted on a carbon fibre ‘wave’ base.

Selected parts and materials used in this sculpture are from modern Grand Prix cars as listed below.

Sculpture limited to forty eight pieces plus two artist proofs.

Mako Sharks: Re-engineered from the original ‘Racing Mako’ sculpture. These 5 small fish are made from 2 ply / layers 2 x 2 twill 400 grams per square meter carbon fibre material, photo etched stainless steel, laser cut ABS, a vinyl transfer with UV protective clear coat and 2mm stainless steel mounting rods.

Base:Carbon fibre base made from  2 ply / layers of 2 x 2 twill  200 gsm, 2 ply / layers 2 x 2 twill 400 gsm finished with a blue tinted UV protective gloss coating.

Piranha Colours: Silver and fluorescent pink.

Dimensions: L 650 mm W 300 mm H 100 mm on base.

Weight: 1.5 kg.

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