Martini Engineered Mackerel
Martini Mackerel fish

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A sculpture of an iconic, fast fish with a hydro-dynamic, low-drag shape.

Selected parts and materials used in this sculpture are parts from modern F1 Grand Prix cars as listed below.

The design of this special edition sculpture was inspired by the Martini sponsored Porsche 917 K raced at the 1970 Kyalami 9 hour race in South Africa. The car was driven by Joseph Siffert and Kurt Ahrens, finishing 2nd. The livery was to become a 1970’s hippy culture icon.

Body:Carbon fibre, 4 ply / layers 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm material 2.4 mm total thickness.

Dorsal, second dorsal and vent fins:0.4 mm Photo etched stainless steel with helicopter tape vacuumed covering. This tape is used for the protection of wing and body work leading edges.

Caudal, pectoral and tail fins: 0.4 mm Photo etched stainless steel.

Nostrils:0.1 mm Aluminium aero tape, used on 50% wind tunnel models.

Jaw detail:1.75 mm 50/56 rolled aluminium welding rod used in the welding of oil and water radiators header tanks.

Eyes:Titanium machined top hat with red ‘ruby’ insert.

Gill covers: 0.2 mm Silver fablon with needle rollers from the Honda gearbox hub bearings part no BRG 000 310.

Marking detail:Masked and painted at the Petronas AMG F1 paint shop.

Exhausts:– 3 Titanium 45° hydraulic fittings.

Mounting:Final drive change of direction 90° bevel gear, part number 080-B2-001/01 ratio 16-23 made by X Trac for the Honda F1 team with floor stay 080 D02 1049, used by Jenson Button in the 2007 Canadian GP.

Mounting methods:Desk or floor mounted.

Dimensions:L 600 mm W 110 mm H 380 mm on base.

Weight:650 grams

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