Mako Pup
Standard Carbon Fibre Mako Pup

mako pup /92

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This sculpture is a version of the original ‘racing mako’. It is the actual size of a Mako pup at birth. This sculpture captures the racing-look of the fastest shark in our oceans.

Selected parts and materials used in this sculpture are from modern Grand Prix cars as listed below.

Sculpture limited to ninety two pieces.

Body:Carbon fibre 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm, 2.4 mm thick with UV resistant clear coating.

Dorsal and underside fins: Coated 0.5 mm photo etched stainless steel.

Tail and Pectoral fins: Coated 0.5 mm photo etched stainless steel.

Exhausts: Stainless steel hydraulic hardline cut to shape, Vapourmat blasted and coated graphite green.

Marking detail: Silver vinyl transfer.

Teeth: Printed chrome on black Decal.

Mounting base and rod:Mounted on a black coated wooden base with an aluminium machine housing for the barrel actuator drive from the Red Bull Racing Formula One GP car part number. RB5-HY-00046-01 with Acetal infill and stainless steel hydraulic hard line.

Mounting methods:Desk mounted.

Dimensions: L 600 mm W 200 mm H 375 mm on base.

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