Purple Tinted Carbon Fibre Flying Fish
Purple Tinted Carbon Fibre Flying Fish

purple tinted hydro aero 787 /24

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A sculpture to show the only fish that truly flies. It’s ability to leave the water and fly using its aero, low-drag and high lift body shape helps it to survive in the harsh environments of the worlds oceans.

Selected parts and materials used in this sculpture are parts from modern F1 Grand Prix cars as listed below.

Sculpture limited to 24 pieces and 2 artist proofs.

Body:Carbon fibre, 3 ply / layers 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm material giving a total thickness of 2.4mm. UV protective clear coating with purple tint above the lateral line.

Pectoral and Pelvic fins:Wind tunnel front flaps from the development of the 202 Torro Rosso F1 Grand Prix car.

Dorsal, Caudal and Vent fins:0.5mm photo etched stainless steel, CAD designed with purple gloss coated finish.

Nostrils:-2mm titanium hydraulic fittings.

Mouth:Folded 1mm HE15 Aluminium.

Eyes:Titanium machined top hat with vinyl insert, clear coated.

Gill detail: Engineered  from flying fish markings and cut from 0.2mm silver fablon.

Mounting:Mounted on a granite base with filament wound carbon fibre rod and titanium “cake tin” stud.

Mounting methods:Desk mounted.

Dimensions:L 700mm W500mm H400mm on base.

Weight:720 grams.

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