Carbon Fibre Mako Shark with Gulf Porsche Livery
Carbon Fibre Mako Shark with Gulf Porsche Livery

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If you would like to commission your own bespoke Racing Mako Shark based on something that is close to your heart or you have a unique design of your own then get in touch and we will help to turn your idea into a sculpture as unique as you are.

The Mako shark is the fastest shark in the ocean and is represented by this sculpture of the Gulf Porsche 917 from the 1970 Daytona 24 hour race. Pedro Rodríguez and Leo Kinnunen won the Florida Classic at an average speed of 115mph with a total distance of 2735.9 miles. 

John Wyer Automotive achieved a one two with Jo Siffert and Brian Redman coming second.

“All men of steel”

Engineering methods, materials and selected parts from modern F1 Grand Prix cars are used in the production of this sculpture.

Sculpture limited to one unique piece only.

Body:Carbon fibre 4 plies / layers of 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm, gives a thickness of 2.4 mm. Coated with UV resistant clear coat and painted detail.

Body Detail: 2 off aluminium fuel filler caps machined and fabricated with Lexan and aluminium green ID light.

Fins: 2nd Dorsal, tail, pectoral and pelvic fins are 2 mm water jet cut and coated NS4 aluminium.

Vent fin: 1.5mm NS4 aluminium coated silver.

Nostrils:Titanium floor stay pivot cap, from the Honda Racing F1 Team, part number 080 D02 1003.

Teeth:Three sets of 0.5 mm photo etched stainless steel.

Eyes: Modified fuel tank flap valve plugs, NS4 aluminium.

Gills: Laser scanned rear wing end plate, aero vents.

Caudal keels: Pair of ‘Fox ears’, chassis ‘bolt on’ aero device, from Honda Racing F1 Team, part no. 1070 A02 0047 used in 2007 winter testing, Rubens Barrichello.

Precaudal notch: Titanium hydraulic locking tab with bolt, part number FML 000006.

Vent: 45° –4 titanium hydraulic fitting.

Trumpets:3d printed 917 flat 12 inlet trumpets coated hot fibreglass yellow with stainless steel injector hardlines coated white .

Mounting method: Suspended with 2 off 1 mm stainless steel braided cables.

Dimensions:L 2200 mm  W 800 mm  H 800 mm.

Weight:8 Kilograms.

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