Blue Carbon Fibre Mackerel
Blue Carbon Fibre Mackerel

bespoke blue engineered mackerel /16

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A sculpture of an iconic, fast fish with a hydro-dynamic, low-drag shape.

Selected parts and materials used in this sculpture are from modern Grand Prix cars as listed below.

Sculpture limited to sixteen pieces with two artist proofs.

Body: Carbon fibre, 4 ply / layers 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm material 2.4 mm total thickness.

Dorsal, second dorsal and vent fins: Blue coated 0.5 mm photo etched stainless steel.

Caudal, tail and pectoral fins: Blue coated 0.5 mm photo etched stainless steel.

Nostrils: 0.1 mm Aluminium aero tape, used on 50% wind tunnel models.

Jaw detail: 1.75 mm 50/56 rolled aluminium welding rod used in the welding of oil and water radiator header tanks.

Eyes:Titanium machined top hat with ‘diamond’ insert.

Gill covers:0.2 mm blue vinyl with needle rollers from the Honda gearbox hub bearings part no BRG 000 310.

Marking detail:Engineered from mackerel skin markings and cut from 0.2 mm blue vinyl.

Exhausts:– 3 Titanium 90° hydraulic fittings.

Mounting base and rod:Section of FIA legality perma-glass underfloor plank with rear anti roll bar used as a mounting rod.

Mounting method:Desk mounted.

Dimensions:L600mm  W110mm  H380mm on base.

Weight:650 grams.

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