racing forever /3

Motor racing is an all consuming sport and working in the top levels of this sport is a way of life, not just a job.

Racing forever is a sculpture that shows my past and present passions, engineering and sculpture.

The dual livery BAR 199 was the first Grand Prix racing car I worked on as chief mechanic and will always have a special place in my engineering history.

Engineering methods, materials and selected parts from modern F1 Grand Prix cars are used in the production of this sculpture.

Sculpture limited to three pieces.

Sculpture spec:

Body: Carbon fibre 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm 2.4 mm thick.

Nostrils: Floor stay pivot cap titanium, Honda part number 080 D02 1003.

Jaw and teeth: Three layer 0.5 mm stainless steel, photo etched.

Fins: 2nd dorsal, tail, pectoral and pelvic fins: 2 mm water jet cut and coated NS4 aluminium. vent fin: rear jacking bracket Honda part number 070 F03 004 used in 2004 Monaco GP, Jenson Button.

Caudal keels: Pair ‘Fox ears’ chassis bolt on aero device, Honda part number 1070 A02 0047 used in 2007 winter testing, Rubens Barrichello.

Pre caudal notch: titanium hydraulic locking tab with bolt FML 000006.

Vent: Type R wing lozenge, Honda part number 050 F2 216.

Gills: Laser scanned rear wing end plate, aero vents.

Eyes: Modified fuel tank flap valve plugs, NS4 aluminium.

Exhausts: Inconel stainless steel primary exhaust pipes cut down and coated.

Mounting method: Suspended with 2 off 1 mm stainless steel braided cables.

Dimensions: L 2200mm W 800mm H 800mm

Weight: 12 kg

Price guide: £28,000 inclusive of UK VAT @ 20%