grapes from the moon /25

The grapes from the moon sculpture was initially produced by the artist for auction to raise funds for the amazing Zip Zap Circus in South Africa.

The Zip Zap Circus takes ordinary kids and youths-at-risk and provides them with the resources to develop skills, through the medium of Circus Arts, that will develop them as young leaders, good citizens, ambassadors for South Africa and make them eminently employable.

Carbon fibre and aluminium.

A limited edition of 25 sculptures plus two artist proofs have been produced with the artist donating 10% of the retail price to the Zip Zap Circus to help inspire and empower young South Africans.

Colour options:
clear anodised
black anodised
 red painted

Sculpture spec:

Tranquility red: Produced from vineyards planted on the moon at the sea of tranquility, 00 41’ 15” N, 23 36’ 00” E, by the Apollo 11 astronauts. Harvested by subsiquent Apollo missions, this extraordinary red wine is pressed and bottled on Earth. Original label enclosed.

Rocket body: CNC machined HE 30 Aluminium, vapour matt etched and clear anodised.

Rocket fins: 2×2 200gsm 3mm carbon fibre oven cured flatplate, water jet cut with a UV protective gloss clear coating.

Dimensions: L200mm W200 mm H530mm.

Weight: 4kg.