gold plated racing piranha 2  /10

This sculpture captures the aggressive look and the hydro-dynamic shape of the red bellied piranha.

Original commissioned by Rubens Barrichello in 2007.

Laminated in two moulds.

Carbon fibre, titanium, stainless steel and selected F1 Grand Prix parts.

Limited to 10 pieces.

Sculpture spec:

Body: Carbon fibre, 3 plies/layers 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm material gives a thickness of 2.4 mm with UV resistant clear coating. 

Dorsal and underside fins: 0.4 mm photo etched stainless steel with helicopter tape vacuumed covering. This tape is used for the protection of wing and body work leading edges.

Tail and pectoral fins: Gold plated 0.4 mm photo etched stainless steel. Pectoral fin fixing titanium aero screw FMC-000014/T.

Nostrils: Gold plated captive nuts 041 D3 005 used to secure aerodynamic barge board.

Teeth and throat: 0.4 mm Titanium with gearbox filter gauze.

Eyes: Gold plated outboard rear top wishbone bolt, part number FMX-02 with 6 mm OD ‘diamond’ inset.

Gills and detail: Gold plated rear wing adjustment lozenge part number 060 F2 103/2 104/2 P2 LH & P2 RH used at 2005 Monaco GP, Jenson Button. Etched 0.2 mm stainless steel detail.

Mounting base and rod: FIA legality perma-glass underfloor plank from Sahara Force India F1 Team, part number P080 C02 1008 / 1 L24, used at the 2014 Monaco GP, Nico Hulkenburg, with floor stay 1070 D02 0030.

Mounting methods: Desk mounted.

Dimensions: L300mm W80mm H400mm on base.

Weight: 550 grams