gold plated carbon sturgeon /10

Capturing the stealth shape of this iconic, ancient fish.

Laminated in two moulds.

Carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium, stainless steel and selected parts F1 Grand Prix parts.

Limited to 10 pieces.

Sculpture spec:

Body: Carbon fibre 4 plies / layers 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm 2.4 mm total thickness, with UV resistant clear coating.

Fins: Gold plated 0.8 mm photo etched stainless steel with attachment bolts from the Honda F1 GP Team, part number P235-104/B & P235-104/A.

Nostrils: Mid rear wing adjuster lozenge Honda part number 060 F2 071.

Jaw and teeth: Lower rear wing adjuster lozenge Honda part numbers 060 F2 111P 1 LH, 060 F2 117 P4 LH and 060 F2 116 P3 RH.

Eyes: Pressed steel coated plugs.

Gill detail: Suspension bolt Honda part number FMC 000027 with 0.2 mm gold adhesive detail.

Mandibular barbels: 4 Shaped NS aluminium welding rods.

Body panel detailing: 0.2 mm Individually shaped brushed aluminium.

Exhausts: Titanium – 4 hydraulic fittings with aluminium coated tubing.

Vent: Titanium – 3 hydraulic 45° fitting.

Spine detail: Gold plated suspension bolts Honda part number FMX 02 with 0.4 mm photo etched stainless steel.

Mounting base and rod: Section of FIA legality perma-glass underfloor plank with wheel nut locking housing from the Honda F1 GP Team, part number 051 C1 013/2, Jenson Button, Spanish GP 2006, with double clutch actuator rod from the Honda F1 GP Team, part number VHM-000831\1 L21.

Mounting methods: Desk or floor mounted.

Dimensions: L1200mm W240mm H260mm not on base.

Weight: 6.5 kg