geared paperweight /100

These sculptures show either stylised racing piranha, engineered mackerel, carbon trout fish or mako shark mounted on a single F1 gear.

Laminated in one mould.

Carbon fibre, photo etched stainless steel, ABS, S156 gear ratio.

Limited to 100 pieces.

Sculpture spec:

Piranhas / Mackerels / Trout / Mako: Re-engineered from the original ‘racing piranha 2’, ‘engineered mackerel’‘racing brown trout’ and ‘racing mako’. These small fish are made from 1 ply/layer, 2 x 2 twill of 400 gsm carbon fibre, photo etched stainless steel, ABS, vinyl plastic with UV protection clear coat and stainless steel mounting rods.

Mounting: Single gear from a Honda F1 GP car.

Mounting methods: Desk mounted.

Dimensions: Vary per sculpture

Weight: 550 grams

Colour options:See keyring editions.