carbon longhorn /unique

Carbon is the building block of life. All known animals on our planet are made up of Carbon.

By covering this Texas Longhorn steer skull in carbon fibre, we bring this amazing animal ‘back to life’.

Laminated over original form.

Carbon fibre and selected F1 Grand Prix parts.

Each sculpture is a unique piece.

Sculpture spec:

Material:4 Plies / layers of 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm pre preg carbon fibre material.

Cure: Cured in an autoclave at 180° for 12 hours at 7 bar pressure, 101.5 psi.

Teeth:Silver coated original teeth.

Horns:Original horns polished and sealed.

Nostrils:2 Off -6 titanium fittings from the hydraulic system of the Honda F1 GP car.

Mounting methods:Wall mounted on a single point.

Dimensions:Depending on animal size.

Weight:5.5 kg