carbon king /8

All living creatures on our planet are made up of carbon, from the mightiest predators on the African plains to the microscopic organisms in the oceans. Carbon is the building block of life. This engineered sculpture takes a different look at the skull of the king of beasts.

Laminated solid and five axis machined.

Carbon fibre, bismuth, S156 steel and selected F1 Grand Prix parts.

Limited to 8 pieces.

Sculpture spec:

Material:333 plies / layers of T300 2 x 2 twill 650 gsm carbon fibre with 37% 985 resin content. Each ply has 3 million 168 thousand, individual fibres per ply.

Cure:180° for 2 hours at 7 bar pressure.

Teeth:Machined low melting point Bismuth alloy.

Mounting:Gearbox selector barrel from the Honda Racing F1 Team, part number VHM-000687-1 L28 SN on a polished black perspex base. 

Mounting method:Desk or floor mounted on a plinth.

Dimensions:L390mm W255mm H350mm on base.

Weight:8.5 kg