carbon bulldog /10

Pets have special places in our lives and when we share time with them we find out more about ourselves.

This sculpture takes an engineered look at the much loved British bulldog.

Laminated solid and five axis machined.

Carbon fibre, stainless steel and aluminium.

Limited to 10 pieces.

Sculpture spec:

Material:355 plies / layers of T300 2 x 2 twill 650 gsm carbon fibre with 37% 985 resin content. Each ply has 3 million 168 thousand, individual fibres per ply.

Collar:Machined anodised aluminium with inserted stingray skin and lazer etched name tag.

Cure:180° for 2 hours at 7 bar pressure.

Mounting method:Desk or table display.

Dimensions:L150mm W150mm H170mm.

Weight:1.7 kg