camo king /1

In competition to gain success, the competitor needs to get as close to an opponent as possible, whether it be in the business capitals of the world or on the African savanna. To win a contest could be the difference between success and failure, life or death. ‘camo king’ is a sculpture produced to show this statement.

Five axis machined tooling material, bismuth, S156 steel and selected F1 Grand Prix parts.

Unique sculpture, 1 piece.

Sculpture spec:

Material: TB 650 pattern tooling material, coated.

Teeth:Machined low melting point Bismuth alloy.

Mounting:Gearbox selector barrel from the Honda Racing F1 Team, part number VHM-000687-1 L28 SN on a polished black perspex base. 

Mounting method:Desk or floor mounted on a plinth.

Dimensions:L390mm  W255mm  H350mm on base.

Weight:2 kg