c-horse /10

A sculpture that represents one of the most fragile and mysterious creatures in our oceans.

Engineering methods and parts used from modern Grand Prix cars.

Sculpture limited to ten pieces per material and colour option.

Material and colour options:
BOC black on carbon /10
ROC red on carbon /10
GOC gold on carbon /10
SOC silver on carbon /10
BOEG black on e-glass /10
BORC black on red carbon /10
GROC green on carbon /10

Sculpture spec:

Body:Carbon fibre 2 plies / layers 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm material gives 1.2 mm thickness with UV resistant clear coating.

Exoskeleton:ABS (Achrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic 3D printed on HP designed jet, FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) coated black.

Dorsal and pectoral fins:0.4 mm Photo etched stainless steel.

Snout and mouth:– 4 Titanium hydraulic fitting.

Eyes:5 mm OD ‘diamond’ insets.

Mounting base and support:Section of FIA permaglass plank from the Honda F1 GP car, part number 1081 D02 0119, used at the 2006 Belgium GP Spa, Jenson Button, with 0.5 mm stainless steel shaped ‘seagrass’.

Mounting method:Desk mounted.

Dimensions:L 145mm W 140mm H 250mm

Weight:290 grams

Price guide: £1,750 inclusive of UK VAT @ 20%