aero manta /10

Aero manta is the largest most challenging sculpture to date and brings together all my engineering skills and ambition.

The manta ray is one of the oceans most recognisable fish and their grace and beauty are inspiring sights as anyone who has dived with these fish can testify. Manta rays are found in the world’s tepid oceans and are true aerobatic fish.

Laminated in ten moulds.

Carbon fibre, inconel, titanium, aluminium, ABS and selected F1 Grand Prix parts.

Limited to 10 pieces.

Sculpture spec:

Body:Carbon fibre 4 plies / layers of 2 x 2 twill 200 gsm coated with UV resistant clear coat and painted detail.

Fins:Tail fin five layers of shaped 2 mm HE15 silver coated aluminium.

Eyes:Modified aluminium HE30 machined plugs coated, gloss black.

Gills:ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic 3D printed on HP design jet, FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling).

Underside duct: Body ‘air scoop’ for alternator belt, cooling from 1995 Benetton 195/2 Michael Schumacher world championship winning car.

Tail:Tail boss, qualifying hard anodised aluminium wheel nut from the Honda Racing F1 Team, part no. 1081 C01 0103 L57, 2007 GP season. First stage steering column from the Honda Racing F1 Team, part no. 078 L03 1002 L1, 2003 GP season. Second stage double clutch actuator rod from Honda Racing F1 Team, part no. VHM 000 960 L40, 2006 GP season. Third stage 5 mm brake ‘cake tin’ stud.

Exhausts:4 x #1 Inconel tail pipes and 4 x #5 Inconel tail pipes, cut down and mounted on internal fabricated backing plate, from the Honda Racing F1 Team, part no. 1080 E04 0084.

Vent fins:A pair of rear wing ‘fish plates’ from the Sahara Force India F1 Team.

Vent:90° – 4 Titanium fitting.

Wing tip detail:0.5 mm Aluminium shaped ‘aero’ twisted.

Mounting:Suspended with two 1 mm diameter stainless steel braided cable.

Mounting methods:Suspended, floor or wall mounted.

Dimensions:L3200mm  W3000mm  H1100mm not on base.

Weight:28 kg